About Ryan

After many years of working on Broadway shows that always ended in wine filled nights, I decided to take my passion of wine a step further and become a Sommelier; personally, I am a wine lover from a family of chefs and gourmands. So I started my journey by enrolling in The International Culinary Center, formerly The French Culinary Institute, in New York City and joined the world of gourmet professionals upon completion of The Court of Master Sommeliers, Certified Exam. As a Private Sommelier I get to continue my passions while challenging myself by finding new, interesting and fun wines for people to drink and share.

During my time in the fine-dining world I was reminded that my passion for wine is in talking to people and helping them learn more which is hard to do in a restaurant setting. So, I left the fine-dining world and continued to learn more about this passion by sharing my knowledge of wine with the people in my personal life. After many eye-opening conversations over bottles of wine, I decided to start teaching classes modeled after those evenings of sharing wine with friends and family.

I know some people in general are intimidated by those crazy labels, strange grapes names, and sometimes crazy prices, but I am telling you there is no need to be anxious or stressed when selecting the next bottle of wine. I personally believe wine should not be intimidating to the point that you keep drinking the same thing over and over again with little to no variation. I truly want to make wine accessible to everyone and help build wine confidence so you can better enjoy your next bottle. 

Our class offerings are designed to boost your wine skills and knowledge with an added bonus of being able to impress friends, your boss, in-laws, family, clients, etc. Or take advantage of our Private Sommelier services by sitting back and relaxing and let us find the perfect types of wine for your next event, wine or spirit themed gift, or for your personal collection.