“Les Figues” Côtes du Rhone 2015

“Les Figues” Côtes du Rhone 2015

From Astoria Wine and Spirits for $13.99




  • Clarity: Clear, no sediment
  • Brightness: Day bright
  • Color: Deep ruby
  • Rim: Watery pink
  • Viscosity: Medium with staining of the tears



  • Intensity: Moderate plus
  • Age: young
  • Fruit: Raspberry, Plum, Fig, Ripe black Cherry
  • Floral: Fresh Violet
  • Non Fruit: Savory Spice, green stems
  • Earth: Granite
  • Wood: Neutral



  • Fruit: Raspberry, Plum, Black Cherry, Figs (less pronounced on the palate)
  • Floral: Violet, Potpourri
  • Non Fruit: Green stems, green peppercorns, smoke
  • Earth: Granite
  • Wood: Very little new wood or neutral, very light amount of baking spice



  • Sweetness: Dry
  • Body: Moderate
  • Tannin: Medium plus
  • Acid: Medium plus to High
  • Alcohol: Medium plus


A pretty typical expression of a Grenache Syrah blend from France. Heavy on the Earth and a nice balance for fruit.

Please check the links below for the typical flavor profile of both wines.