Other People's Pinot

Other People’s Pinot Noir, Oregon, Willamette Valley , 2014

Wine Stop, Astoria $18.99




  • Clarity: Clear, no sediment
  • Brightness: Star bright
  • Color: Ruby/ brick
  • Rim: pale pink
  • Viscosity: Medium



  • Intensity: Moderate plus
  • Age: young
  • Fruit: Raspberry, Cherry, Strawberry
  • Floral: Violet
  • Non Fruit: Leather, cigar, slight baking spice, Vanilla, Cinnamon 
  • Earth: Fresh turned wet soil
  • Wood: Moderate new french oak



  • Fruit: Raspberry, Cherry, Strawberry, Blueberry
  • Floral: Violet
  • Non Fruit: Leather, Cigar, Tomato leaf, Cola, Cinnamon, vanilla 
  • Earth: Tuned wet soil, damp forest floor
  • Wood: Moderate new french oak



  • Sweetness: Dry
  • Body: Moderate
  • Tannin: Medium minus
  • Acid: Medium 
  • Alcohol: Medium


Tasty Pinot Noir for its price


Please check the links below for the typical flavor profile of both wines.

Ryan McWilliams