A Little Taste of Cahors

Vieilles Vignes, Les Camille, Cahors 2012

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Tasting Notes

This well-structured Malbec has so much potential in the cellar, but is so difficult to resist drinking today. From 80-year-old vines, there is depth, weight, and tannin, all that you expect from the Southwest. A fine selection for a very traditional cassoulet or any rustic, hearty stews.


Staff Pick Notes

Cahors (where Malbec is abundant) might be one of the most strict appellations in France as winemakers are limited to 50 hectoliters of wine per hectare (in comparison to their neighbor Bordeaux which is up to 60 hectoliters for the red). Additionally, the minimum degree of alcohol must be 10.5 degrees and the principal grape should be Malbec, also known as "Cot," the principal grape from the Vallée du Lot region, of which Cahors is the capital. Clos Siguier's winemaker, Gilles Bley, comes from a family that has been making wine for many generations. Gilles farms his 15 hectares estate organically. The result is a bright and young wine where nature is represented in each bottle. This is a rich, fruity wine with easy tannins, much lighter than the usual Malbec wines. The wine feels clean, the fruit is well-defined and elegant.

- MB


I couldn't find a website for the vineyard so couldn't find the normal information about the history of the vineyard. but look for more informations about the region of cahors on friday.