Champalou Vouvray

Champalou Vouvray, France, 2015

Ninth Ave Vintner $19.99



  • Clarity: Clear
  • Brightness: Day bright
  • Color: Pale straw with hints of green
  • Rim: Watery
  • Viscosity: Medium minus



  • Intensity: M
  • Age: young
  • Fruit: Lemon curd, peach, Bartlett pears, bruised yellow apple
  • Floral: Honey suckle, orange blossom
  • Non Fruit: Ginger, marmalade (could be signs of botrytis), dandelion green, savor herbs
  • Earth: Wet limestone, granite
  • Wood: None



  • Fruit: Lemon curd, Bartlett pears, Bruised yellow apple
  • Floral: White flower, honey suckle
  • Non Fruit: ginger, savory herd, dried oregano, fresh thyme, chamomile tea
  • Earth: Wet limestone, wet granite, wet white stone
  • Wood: None



  • Sweetness: Dry to off dry
  • Body: medium
  • Tannin: None
  • Acid: High
  • Alcohol: medium minus



Pretty typical for a Vouvray


Check out the link below for the typical flavor profile of the wine.