Cline Pinot Noir

Cline, Sonoma Coast, Pinot Noir, 2015

Union Square Wine $17.99




  • Clarity: Clear
  • Brightness: day Bright
  • Color: Ruby
  • Rim: Watery pink
  • Viscosity: Medium minus



  • Intensity: Medium plus
  • Age: young
  • Fruit: Strawberry, red cherry, blackberry, prune
  • Floral: Violet
  • Non Fruit: Tea leaf, cola nut, clove smoke
  • Earth: Medium potting soil
  • Wood: Medium new oak



  • Fruit: Strawberry cherry, blackberry all jammy
  • Floral: Violet, 
  • Non Fruit: Tea (earl grey) seed to steam inclusion, clove, smoke
  • Earth: Medium minerality, potting soil
  • Wood: Medium new oak, slight vanilla



  • Sweetness: Dry 
  • Body: medium plus
  • Tannin: Medium minus
  • Acid: Medium plus
  • Alcohol: medium plus


Pretty typical for a Sonoma Pinot Noir

Check out the link below for the typical flavor profile of the wine.